Wireless hanging scale

- Apr, 5 2017 -

Wireless crane scales are generally managed by the wireless meters, scales, car, wireless transmitter (on the scale body), wireless receiver (in the instrument), charger, antennas, battery. Hanging ring hanging on the hook of the crane, when hanging on the hook hanging items, scale body sensors can be tensile deformation and currents changed, change the current a/d converted to electrical signals, then transmitter radio signal receiver receives the signal and then transmitted to the instrument after instrument of conversion calculation, end is displayed. Wireless hanging scale with automatic metering and energy-saving operation and remote operation, Peel, adding up, tired, backlight setting, data retention, storage, printing, search, intelligent control, adjustable scale Division value, frequency tunable, low failure rate, overload alarm, tamper, easy maintenance and so on. Different wireless hanging scale can be adapted to different environments.

Dial scale

Dial scale can be used alone, often used in the petroleum, coalfield geological exploration, aquaculture industries such as fishing, lifting of the gravity measurement, also used in tractors, cars transport, measurement of traction power line construction and building industries. Dial scale the main models are: 5 inch, 10-inch dial the dial, 500KG, 1000KG, 2000KG, 4000KG, 5000KG, 10000KG, 20000KG, AP Danymometer, AP Crane Scales, etc.

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