How To Do The Foundation Of Electronic Truck Scale?

- Jul, 24 2017 -

Here is a brief introduction of the truck scale installing foundation:

1. The foundation should be built strictly in accordance with the drawings;

2.It should not have cracks, honeycombs and other strength defects on the surrounding foundation.

3.There is flat platform which the width size is approximately equal to the scale body width on each ends of the weighing platform. When the vehicle passes through the weighing platform,the speed shall not be faster than 5km/h.It shall be have speed limit mark.

4.The weighing platform shall not be used for passageway of non weighing vehicles;

5.The weighing platform should be in a horizontal state;

6.It should be have drainage facilities in the civil work.

7.Weighing room settings should be reasonable.It is to convenient to monitor the situation.

8.For installing pitless truck scale,it should comply with the design requirements and take action to prevent wind.


Only build the foundation of weighbridge well,it can improve the scale accuracy and prolong using life.

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