Research On Anti – Cheat Strategy Of Electronic Weighbridge

- Jul, 14 2017 -

In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, reduce the damage caused by electronic Weighbridge cheating. You can use the following anti-cheating strategy.

1. The use of digital truck scale

At this stage the digital truck scale used is usually a digital weighing sensor and digital weighing indicator, and between the two is through the manufacturer’s unique communication protocol to contact. This will cause if the communication signal to do the hands and feet, then you must crack the manufacturer’s communication protocol can be achieved, and this is very high professional and technical requirements, is the general cheating staff can not grasp. Therefore, the use of digital truck scale instead of the traditional analog electronic Weighbridge, not only can improve the accuracy of the weight of the counter, but also for those who use the remote control device to break the ring transmission signal cheating means also has a very significant preventive effect.

2. Protection of the load cell cable

Electronic Weighbridge at the time of installation, there will be a small part of the communication cable exposed, and in order not to cheat the opportunity to take advantage of the exposed cable can be used to protect the cable or plastic hose to prevent the signal cable exposed and destroyed Series remote control device.

3. Use different infrastructure

The act of cheating on the location of the vehicle can be avoided by taking different design methods on the electronic Weighbridge infrastructure. For example, in the electronic Weighbridge on both sides of the fence and other facilities, in order to prevent the driver to rely on wheels on the fence on the cheat; in the electronic Weighbridge on both sides of a certain width of the maintenance channel to force the vehicle can only stay in the title Of the effective range and so on.

4. Camera control system

You can install the camera at both ends of the electronic Weighbridge, the car in the electronic Weighbridge before and after the end of whether there is pressure, edge and other conditions to monitor, to prevent the driver to use the vehicle to locate the location of cheating. At the same time, the camera and the PTZ and other devices in combination, the Secretary can be controlled by the PTZ rotation from a number of angles to further observation. Finally, you can record the camera to the image and the weighing data automatically archived, you can also install the camera in the pound room, the Secretary of the operation of the staff recorded and archived, so that you can effectively prevent the staff did not work Serious or cheating and other acts.

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