Which weighing scale is more accurate? The error is small.

- Jun, 24 2019 -

Do you know which ones are accurate and less accurate? The Youngic Weighing Scale recommends that you use an electronic weighbridge. The device is mainly composed of a load cell and a repetitive force mechanism. The calibration is complete.



Electronic weighbridge definition

The electronic platform standard configuration is mainly composed of three main components: load-bearing force transmission mechanism (scale body), high-precision load cell and weighing display instrument, which can complete the basic weighing function of the electronic platform scale, and can also be based on different users. Requirements, optional printers, large-screen displays, computer management systems to achieve higher levels of data management and transmission needs.

1. Load-bearing and force-transmitting mechanism: The mechanical platform that transmits the weight of the object to the load cell is often of two types: steel structure and steel-concrete structure.

2, high-precision load cell: is the core component of the electronic platform, plays the role of converting the weight value into the corresponding measurable electrical signal, its pros and cons directly related to the quality of the entire scale.

3. Weighing display instrument: It is used to measure the electrical signal transmitted by the sensor, and then display the weight reading through special software, and further transfer the data to the printer, large screen display, computer management system.

4, printer: used to print weight data form

5, large screen: for long distance readings

6, computer management system: for further processing, storage, transmission of weight data.

The electronic platform calibration method

1. Calibrate the weight of the weighbridge using a weight of 50%. That is, your weighbridge can weigh 20 tons, then use 10 tons of measurement weight to calibrate.

2. Make the instrument’s partial load (four corners) calibration automatically completed once.

3. The range of the scale of the instrument can be modified as needed. The coefficient of the non-Guishi stone is used to match the coefficient and the zero point value, so that the coefficient of each sensor is consistent with the zero point parameter.

Which weighing scale is more accurate? The error is small.

The above is about the comparison of the accuracy and error of the weighing scale. The transmission mechanism of the product adopts two forms of steel structure and steel-concrete structure. It has the characteristics of stability and high precision. I also want to know more information. Pay more attention to the Youngic Weighing website!

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